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Summer Courses @ Indian Football School

Mandar Sangle began training with IFS in July 2015, and Atif Sarwar Sayed in November 2016. Their training and evolution caught the attention of our Technical Director, Glauco Moraes who soon signed them up with the IFS team, that participated in the Mumbai District Football Association League for the 2015-16 and 2016-17 season respectively. In 2016 -17 Coach Elton Petry later noticed their fast progress and initiated a India - Brasil interchange involving Atif and Mandar.

This interchange provided both the players to travel to the Football Country and acquire better technique, tactic, physical, and psychological training to evolve as much better players. They were a part of the Brasillian training curriculum and had the opportunity to participate in division tournaments as well and be part of the local team there they were a part of the team at C E Lajeadense and Soliedade FC