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Module   4  :  Incredible.  Inevitable. 

Ifs League Season May 2015

We are delighted to launch our esteemed year ending courses, Module 4 beginning 21st September 2015 paving a perfect foundation of hard-work and dedication for 2016 courses

Play Football the Brazilian Way!

The learning and development of our students not only on the pitch but off it as well, bough out With proper guidance and in accordance with appropriate methods for each age, is the primary driving force of IFS.
Students belonging to the 3 to 5yrs age group will be participate in fun filled recreational activities that focus on basic movements coupled with activities focusing on the key fundamentals of footballs such as kicking, passing, shooting etc. The main objective of the course for the young stars, is to have fun and enjoy the beautiful game!!

The 10/14 age category students along with training on fundamentals will be encouraged to build and improve on their decision making skills,offensive, defensive play and key technicals aspects such as systemic marking and playing according to the positions that best suits students. The boys will be exposed new drills and sessions focussing on these key factors that go a long way in the development of the footballer

Players belonging to the 15+ category will be put through exciting yet intense drills focused on technical and tactical training mainly through 11 v 11 scenarios coupled with small side¬¬d games which will focus more on fitness and endurance. The boys will also undergo challenging sessions focused on core strengthening and on physical attributes such as speed, strength, skill etc

With our commitment to building the U8s, U10s, U13s, U15s, U17s & U19s in association with the esteemed Mumbai FC, be ready to give your best and make it count!!!

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